Ductwork Design and Installation

An inefficient ductwork design can cost you lots of money to operate when it has been improperly done. At Smurf Inc. in Carpentersville, IL, we design and install your new ductwork to your property. Whether you want to replace the existing ducts or start a new project for a new building, our team offers custom ductwork services at competitive rates.

Ductwork Issues

HVAC ducts move air from one location to the other. If they are improperly designed, there can be a leak that is costing you. Some common problems poorly designed ducts can have include:

  • Sharp Turns
  • Winding ductwork
  • Wrong fitted ducts
  • And more!

Skilled Ductwork Engineers

Our team designs ducts for many sized commercial businesses. Our goal is to make sure we incorporate the latest in energy-saving technology, so we can lower your bills. Give us a call at (847) 910-3353 to schedule your consultation and discuss your needs with our technician.

Commercial Preventative Maintenance

As a business owner, you want to cut costs, save money, get a high return on investment, all while providing comfort. With our HVAC maintenance plans, our team will provide a monthly filter change and inspection to your systems. If any needed repairs arise, we offer a 10% discount for being a loyal customer. Sign up for our plan and call us at (847) 910-3353.